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Advanced Solutions for Government and School Districts.


Announcement:  The District Pulse as been acquired by Tyler Technologies.

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DMRai is dedicated to providing quality application solutions and consulting services to local government and school districts.




The District Pulse can literally change the way a school district does business.





School districts are data rich and information poor.  The District Pulse creates Management Information from data.






Data Warehouse and Highly Advanced Decision Support System for School Districts.

Accurate and timely information is the key to improved management.  Yet, most school districts spend more time gathering information than managing with it.  The District Pulse is designed to address information needs at all levels of school district management, from the superintendent to department heads to principals to teachers.  The District Pulse employs unique and new technology to establish a low cost and easily managed tool to deliver information to each individual that needs it.

School districts are awash in data generated by various application systems.  The District Pulse is designed as a tool to translate all school district data and assessments into highly processed management information.  Designed specifically for school districts as a data warehouse and decision support system, The District Pulse will simply change the way a school district does business.

Pulse is designed to access the most in-depth and complex data that generates the most meaningful management information.  As such, it delivers immediate and comprehensive management information to school district users and managers that are starved for information on the district, their schools, their departments and other areas of responsibility.



What if education management could have constant, immediate and interactive access to everything that was happening in a school district, regardless of the various systems used to manage that district? 

What if their view of the district-wide information was enhanced by detailed analysis including trending, summaries, comparatives and historical references? 

We believe the result would be greatly enhanced productivity, accelerated student learning and improved operational results.  Further, what if the cost of acquiring this information was well within the budget of every school district and could be implemented without additional staffing? 

We believe that the answer to each of these questions is The District Pulse.  The District Pulse establishes an entirely new and innovative way to manage data.  This approach is specially designed to meet an educational managerís need for information.  As such, it provides a capability that is simply not generally available to school districts, an Information Warehouse

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