Advanced Solutions for Government and School Districts.




Pulse may be implemented with significantly less cost, with significantly less staff investment and on considerably smaller hardware platforms that ANY other data warehouse on the market today.







The District Pulse employs innovative and unique designs to make managing data easier and faster.













The District Pulse provides end user with very high speed response times using standard industry browsers.







The District Pulse is designed specifically for Government and School Districts.



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Data Warehouse Applications

The District Pulse is designed as a new class of data warehousing.  Most data warehouse offerings are designed as technical solutions for use by technical staff.  The District Pulse employs new technologies and an entirely new design/approach to change and improve the whole approach to warehousing data.  The result is a data warehouse that may be implemented for one third of the cost of the most inexpensive alternative, that takes less than 10% of the staffing needs of other alternatives, that operates at considerably faster runtime speeds and requires less than half of the computer resources of any other comparable system. 

The District Pulse is designed for the school district seeking results as quickly, as inexpensively and with the smallest staff requirements possible.  It may be easily implemented when all other alternatives are simply too cost and staff expensive.

The District Pulse achieves these capabilities through a highly unique technical design and a concept of literally integrating end user needs into this design Most traditional data warehouses are technical solutions that, once defined and established, are then used to generate new queries, reports and screens for end users.  The District Pulse merges these steps so that the generation of end user needs and the implementation of Pulse are accomplished in a single step.  This is an approach that is not shared with any other system on the market.

Key differences from traditional data warehouse implementations include:

  • Designed Specifically for Government and School Districts.

  • Designed based on User Managed Parameters to control data acquisition, information generation and data delivery to end users.

  • Designed to generate ALL end user information at the time of data acquisition.  Generated information is stored interactively with the raw data that is loaded from external systems.

  • Designed to store and manage information in the way that it will be used by end users.  This approach results in minor increases in disk storage requirements (an average District Pulse site may use $200 to $300 more disk than traditional implementations) and dramatic improvements in overall performance.  End users experience much faster response times, even when using smaller operation platforms.

  • The approach of generating and storing end user information at the time of data acquisition significantly reduces the need for technical support resources.  We are storing data/information in the way it will be used by users, not in the way it might be used by users in the future.  A far simpler and far easier approach that does not limit interactive changes to end user access.

The District Pulse is designed to systematically consolidate data from the various school district applications.  Simultaneously with data gathering, Pulse translates this raw data into enhanced management information in the form of charts, graphs, summary tables, trends, historical references, percentages and other key information based on district defined business rules.  This computed information is then stored in a Pulse data-store along with the supporting data.  As managers access this information using standard browsers, it is delivered in a management format with sub-second response times, regardless of the complexity of the management display.

Pulse is designed to access the most in-depth and complex data that generates the most meaningful management information.  As such, it delivers immediate and comprehensive management information to school district users and managers that are starved for information on the district, their schools, their departments and other areas of responsibility.



The District Pulse establishes an entirely new and innovative way to manage data.  This approach is specially designed to meet an educational managerís need for information.  As such, it provides a capability that is simply not generally available to school districts, an Information Warehouse.


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