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   Interactive Information Analysis


The District Pulse provides extensive support for real-time end user data analysis.  To perform this function, raw data from various application systems used by a school district, such as student, assessment, finance, transportation and other systems is accumulated, merged and then transformed into management information specifically for analysis purposes.  The preparation of data specifically for interactive analysis greatly reduces the complexity and time required for highly advanced research. 


In the example at the right of this page, The District Pulse has generated an analysis model that incorporates extensive summary information for all of the students in a school district.  This information has been consolidated from numerous sources that include:

  • Student Information System - Demographics Module

  • Student Information System - Attendance Module

  • Student Information System - Discipline Module

  • Four Separate Assessment Systems

In addition, several new fields have been calculated by Pulse so the analysis process is greatly simplified.  In this example, the total discipline events and total absences for each students have been calculated and stored as discrete fields to make end user access far more simple. 


The primary responsibility of the user is simply to select the desired data for viewing.  In this example, the user has taken two actions.  The first is to select two specific student assessment scores, the total absences for students and the total disciplinary events for all students.  Initially displayed are graphs of the average scores, absences and discipline events for all students in the school district.  The second action was to drag and drop "Grade Level" and "Gender" from the Pulse generated Dimensions box to the left of the display.  The result is a new display graphically showing average assessment scores, average absences and average disciplinary events for all students by grade and gender.


The user may quickly determine the relationship between test results, student attendance and student behavior.  Thousands of other evaluations and comparatives are supported just within the simple model generated for this example.


The District Pulse provides all data preparation and processing functions as integrated components of The District Pulse.  Interactive data analysis functionality is provided via a partnership with Tableau Corporation.









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