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An Information Warehouse for School Districts


The District Pulse is one of the most unique software solutions to be introduced to the education marketplace in many years.  It truly provides the potential to change the way a school district does business.  Pulse is designed to acquire, enhance and deliver district-wide information from the variety of applications that are used by a school district.  Hence, as the name indicates, The District Pulse provides managers of a school district with the pulse of everything that is occurring within their area of responsibility. 


The District Pulse is the most advanced management decision support system on the market today.  It is used by school districts as a data warehouse, as an advanced reporting system, as a decision support system and as a data-hub to combine, enhance and distribute data from all of a school districtís application systems to managers via browsers, spreadsheets, email, word processing documents and other desktop applications.  The District Pulse is used to create management information from the data currently stored in various databases across the school district.  And, it is designed to perform this activity at a budget and resource cost that will fit into the budget of any school district.  The District Pulse is a revolutionary product that will change the way a school district does business.


As background, in any school district, multiple application software solutions provided by various vendors are used to manage programs and information.  These application systems are specifically designed to manage student data, financial data, employee data, transportation data, library data, lunch data as well as data for many other application areas.  For virtually every school district, it is a challenge to provide district and school management with timely information from each of these systems.  Each of these individual application systems is designed to do an excellent job supporting end user targeted activities, but traditionally, they do a very poor job providing the types of information needed by management.  And, further complicating access to management information is the virtual inability to acquire information from across various application systems.  Access to this type of information, however, is strategic to the effective management of a school district.  In other words, school districts are traditionally data rich and information poor.


As a result of this lack of consolidated and meaningful information, school district management, such as superintendents, department heads, principals and others, are left to manage their respective areas largely by intuition. 


Pulse is designed to specifically address these management needs.  Further, Pulse provides access this information on a moment to moment basis, with immediate response times and enhanced to support the way the information will be used.  Using Pulse, a school district may truly change the way business is performed in a very positive way.  Further,



   Pulse provides support for ALL application data that is managed by a school district.  This includes data from student, financial, payroll/hr, transportation, library and any other application used by the district including spreadsheets.

   Pulse provides immediate or sub-second response times.

   Pulse does not require added staff resources for management.

   Pulse automatically integrates management functions such as historical tracking/reporting, trending, advanced graphics and data comparatives.

   Pulse integrates all district information into a comprehensive dashboard containing added productivity content.



Examples of information consolidated from traditional applications and delivered to district management by Pulse:


   From Student Applications, a detailed AYP analysis by school, by ethnicity, by NCLB category, by grade and summarized for the school District.

   From Assessment, a comprehensive analysis of student test scores by teacher, gender, NCLB categories including goal tracking, strand score and grade level analysis.

   From Student/Substitute Tracking Applications, an analysis of student test assessment results by teacher attendance.

   From Financial Applications, an analysis of budget information by departments, targeted watch accounts, department and cross district analysis.

   From Transportation System, immediate notification of late buses and students.


Each of these models/projects is provided on a moment to moment basis and is highly enhanced via the use of advanced graphics, historical tracking, comparatives, trending and management summaries table displays.  Drilling to the detail supporting each management summary is also incorporated as a standard feature.






In summary, what if education management could have constant, immediate and interactive access to everything that was happening in a school district, regardless of the various systems used to manage that district? 


What if their view of the district-wide information was enhanced by detailed analysis including trending, summaries, comparatives and historical references? 


What if this information was not limited by differences in the various types and brands of application software used by a school district?


We believe the result would be greatly enhanced productivity, accelerated student learning and improved operational results. 


Further, what if the cost of acquiring this information was well within the budget of every school district and could be implemented without additional staffing?


We believe that the answer to each of these questions is The District Pulse.  The District Pulse establishes an entirely new and innovative way to manage data. 




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