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Technical Overview



The District Pulse (Pulse) is a unique and highly innovative software solution.  It is specifically designed to acquire and deliver integrated, high speed and highly optimized management information from a variety of databases across a school district.  In general, Pulse supports the generation of comprehensive management information with significantly less effort, with much faster response times and at dramatically reduced costs compared to any other solution available across the marketplace.


These advanced capabilities are a result of the highly innovative design employed in the development of Pulse.  It is designed to provide a significantly improved method of delivering management information. This is an entirely new approach that is not currently available from traditional application software solutions or data warehouses.  The Pulse translates all of the data used by a school district to usable and interactive Information.  Based on this, Pulse is marketed as an “information warehouse”.


The flexibility of Pulse makes it a difficult product to categorize.  It is used by school districts as a data warehouse, as an advanced reporting system, as a decision support system and as a data-hub to combine, enhance and distribute data from all of a school district’s application systems to managers via browsers, spreadsheets, email, word processing documents and other desktop applications.  The District Pulse is used to create management information from the data currently stored in various databases across a school district.  And, it is designed to perform this activity at a budget and staff resource cost that will fit into the budget of any school district. 


Pulse was developed to address the largely unmet needs of school district management for accurate, timely and easy to use management information.  As background, most marketplace application programs do a good job at providing process related data to end users, but largely fail at providing the summaries, trends, historical patterns, goal comparatives and detailed information needed by managers.  Data warehouses, at significant expense and maintenance cost, combine data from multiple systems, but they are simply a tool.  The detailed information needed by managers must still be gathered via staff developed queries or programs.  Pulse gathers and transforms data into a management format consisting of summary displays, historical trends, goal comparatives and the detail data needed specifically for management purposes.  This resulting information is delivered interactively to managers via Internet or network connections with extremely fast response times.  The result, managers have the information they need to properly manage.


In traditional data warehouse and application software implementations, data is stored in a database in the form of various files or tables. External queries or programs are then written to access that data.  Pulse takes a radically different approach of data management.  By storing the business rules and logic to generate a query/report as a fundamental part of the data, and, by storing the data in the format that it is to be used by users, dramatic improvements are possible.  This concept dramatically improves performance, greatly reduces the manpower needed for setup and maintenance, supports far more complex data usage and significantly reduces costs.  The productivity of all school district managers is significantly enhanced as timely access to very detailed data views is constantly available.  In general, the school district’s data is transformed from a database format into that of an “information warehouse” to immediately respond to management information requests.





While Pulse consolidates data into a discrete database, it is not a traditional data warehouse.  Pulse is based on a highly innovative design that consolidates data into a specific form to facilitate how it to be later used by end users.  This optimized data design literally incorporates executable logic and business rules into the data itself.  In addition, all data calculations to support management access are performed at the time the data is captured.  This calculated information is then integrated with the captured data.  This approach, simply stated, transforms data into usable management information.  Based on this, we Pulse is not a traditional data warehouse, but a fully functional “information warehouse”.


Pulse accomplishes this process via a series of innovative and user managed business rules and data storage techniques.  The following diagram outlines the steps performed to load, define and use data in the Pulse environment. 







In summary, Pulse employs innovation and radical new design processes to generate a management system that is far faster, that is far easier to manage, that uses significantly less resources, which is more comprehensive, and, is far less expensive than any other data management tool available in the marketplace today.  Application databases and/or data-warehouses used by school districts are literally transformed into a highly functional “information” base to meet the information needs of all managers and end-users.



Pulse Example






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